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matchmarket is a service that allows brands and fashion designers to detect before launching the production of their products what their consumers will really like and thereby predict which products will become best-sellers before the launch/commercialization in stores.


matchmarket thereby enables to instantly test every new creation (based on a drawing, a picture, a 3D, a 360° or even a video) with a panel of qualified and prior selected Praedicters per buyer profile of each brand or designer.


matchmarket puts the consumer in the heart of the act of purchase by offering the possibility to choose the products that he/she would buy tomorrow in stores or online, and allows to propose innovative and differentiating products while remaining closer to the wishes and needs of the clients of each brand. Furthermore, matchmarket could notify the Praedicters that wishes so, when their products are finally available.


The results are guaranteed thanks to a quality community. In addition, the confidentiality of the projects is protected.

matchmarket is first and foremost a group made up of Praedicters. Men and women that loves fashion, they are then selected and interviewed based on their representativeness of the client base of each brand and/or designer. Each brand and/or designer can furthermore choose to include all or parts of their clients to the group of Praedicters, if they wish so.


matchmarket  is made up of hyperconnected members and « next door » influencers, the Praedicters can instantly respond to ad hoc surveys for which they are interviewed.


Ambassadors of today’s trends, the Praedicters are engaged and will be proud that their choices are top line/in the lights. Additionally, we will look after those that wishes so, notify them upon the arrival of their favorite products in stores, and obtain preferential benefits per their involvement, and thus create a novel link between the Praedicters and their preferred brands.

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Every year, more than 10% of fashion products end up being destroyed as they did not meet their clients.


matchmarket, is a service emanated from a simple observation: buyers and designers encounter innovation and design difficulties due to lack of budget or due to abundant stock from preceding years. Whereas the consumers are jaded by the limited diversified offer proposed to them by the clothing and textile industry.


matchmarket thereby proposes to give a meaning and a link to brands, to designers and to their clients.


matchmarket’s founder is specialized in purchasing and trends, accompanied by a top professional in technologies and development, and finally an outstanding CFO.

Our Praedicters are our partners, therefore we select them carefully:

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